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Wedding photographs from the wedding photographer

New - Use of a mobile flash light unit with 1200 Ws flash output

It speaks for the wedding photographer that . . .
. . . every wedding is a special event for him

Let's take the wedding pictures as testimony of this wonderful day, the retained moment is important, but not indispensable.
Over the years the value will increase steadily. The photos become an anchor point to remind and encourage us. Looking trough the pictures reminds us of an exciting and wonderful time.
It would be a pity if there were just a few pictures of such an amazing day. That is why i attach so much importance to a mixture of snapshots, carefully set in scene images and photographs with attention to detail.
A personal preliminary talk with detailed consultation is very important for me as a wedding photographer. The chemistry between me and the couple has to be right. The empathy for the happy couple and this special day is essential for my work.

I am inconspicuous companion who photographed at the right moment, in other situations accepts the director (like group shots) and to become invisible in the next moment. When i take pictures you just have to be yourself.

Certainly i accompany your silver or golden wedding.

Every wedding is as individual and unique as indeed the bridal couple itself - I look forward to your - The wedding photographer

my places: Schliersee, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Munich